The Original Sin

The house
The back of the house

This is the original sin in all of its cheap 1970s glory. I look back on it with distain, but to be honest I was so excited about it at the time. It was the nicest house we’d seen for that price range. Everything else we were looking at had major flaws (think foundation issues or or holes in the roof)- and was much, much older. Age can bring charm, but we also knew it would bring us more work. Also, we lived on an extremely meager budget. I was still in college and Dan was supporting us on an entry level salary.

We bought the house in 2009, when the housing market crashed, for 80k. It was listed for 10k less, but because our pesky neighbors put in a lowball offer when we did (after it had sat for 2 years empty), the good and honest people at the bank told us we could resubmit an offer since there was other interest. It turns out the other offer was 40k (thanks Jerry! 😆), but they didn’t mention that. So doing what you’re supposed to do to when someone sniffs at your offer we turned up the heat. We did not want to lose the house and so we offered 10k over asking. What a scam.

Needless to say we ended up getting the house. It was so exciting because I knew we could work a little magic on it and make it cute. I also loved that it was on a small pond with lots and lots of pines that reminded me of the mountains, my favorite place to be. There was also a trail around the lake and back in the woods that would give me the feeling of hiking right outside my front door.

It was surrounded by tall pines
Piper at the lake
Trails around the lake
The field behind our house at sunset

Sadly though, those trees had to go because of that beetle that killed all of our pines in the last decade. I would love to plant more, but every time we do they end up dying and I’m too cheap to invest. I probably should.

Dan cutting down my beloved trees

Now for the inside of the house. Get ready for these. The master bath is gross. You have been warned.

Downstairs Entry
Looking up from the entry into the living room/dining room
Living Room
Main Bathroom
Main Bathroom
Scary tub-We lived with it like this for 10 years 😧
Downstairs bonus room
Master Bedroom
Master bathroom complete with carpet 🤮

I’ve never lived anywhere except my parents house and in this one. So when I moved in I felt really sad and it wasn’t because I missed my parents. It was because I felt like this house was dark and seedy- like a dirty motel. I cried the first night and told Dan it didn’t feel like home because it was so gross. I felt so bad and superficial saying this. Why should it matter if it keeps you warm and safe? But I felt that way regardless and it was overwhelming. Dan felt sad for me (he’s such a good husband) and he told me we’d replace the flooring tomorrow if it would help. And that’s what we did (and have been doing ever since)- replacing parts of the house little by little to make it feel like our home.

Next time I post I’ll show you the multiple rounds of renovations that we have done. We are currently on our fourth wave of changes, technically, and it just keeps getting better and better! See you soon! Toodaloo!

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  1. Rebecca -

    The Original Sin is such a clever title for this post! This house looks like so many out there on the market. I would have never guessed this was your house. You and Dan have really worked your magic! Well done!

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